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My passion is to see others healthy and well and live the best life they can. I want to be your motivator and inspiration to turn your mindset and lifestyle around. I wear my heart on my sleeve and when I see a client take control of their lives it’s privilege and pleasure to have taken part of their journey.

For the last year I have worked on my most difficult client, me. I had for over 20 years helped others get focused and grow themselves and their businesses. In the last year I have lost over 164 lbs (74kg or 11st 7lbs) by changing my mindset and lifestyle. I am now working with clients, so they have a workable sustainable health and wellness programme that is easy to follow and that they enjoy.

Are any of these the sort of thing you tell yourself?

🔺You don’t have time to look after yourself?
🔺You always find the reasons for not starting your new lifestyle?
🔺I have a wedding or party to go to this month so no point in starting until next month?
🔺I am just big boned and have a low metabolic rate so there’s no point in trying anything?
🔺Its different for me as my circumstances don’t allow me the time for this sort of thing?

What would the future be like if I helped you to:

🔷Realise you could fall in love with food and start eating healthily
🔷Be more confident in yourself in all you do.
🔷Know that when you make small consistent progress its sustainable and easily achievable
🔷I am with you every step of the way and understand how it feels, as for 50 years I was overweight and am now lighter than I was when I was 12 years old.
🔷At the end of the process not only will you be fit and healthy you mind will now have the clarity to do things you probably thought you couldn’t

Want to learn how to take complete control of your success?

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For more information call US +1 259 404 240 UK +44 (0) 259 404 240 or email iain@bigmantalking.com


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