About Iain

Iain lives with his wife Val and three children Morag, Heather and Angus in Central Scotland.

Iain has been fortunate enough to travel the globe speaking and doing what enjoys most being the catalyst that kicks starts people believing they can move in the direction they wish and achieve what they set out to achieve.

Iain is the Author of “Life Business and Speedboats” a practical book for growing your business with people you already know.

He is also a contributing Author in “GIVE: 16 Giving Strategies To Grow Your Business” by Sam Rathling.

Iain has no nonsense common sense approach to business and is renowned for saying as it is. He is a believer what you see is what you get and anything else is just complex.

Iain believes his purpose in life to give vision and depth to the lives of the people with whom he connects, so they can open their hearts to the wonder that is their life.