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Having lost 11 stone (154 lbs / 69 Kg) over the last 11 months and with 50 years of being over weight I have now got clarity on how to overcome obesity.

I am currently working with clients to assist them to become healthier in themselves which has huge effects to the rest of their lives and businesses

Iain is the Author of “Life Business and Speedboats” a practical book for growing your business with people you already know.

He is also a contributing Author in “GIVE: 16 Giving Strategies To Grow Your Business” by Sam Rathling.

Iain has a no nonsense, common sense approach to business and is renowned for saying it as it is.  He is a believer in that what you see is what you get and anything else is just complex.

Iain believes his purpose in life is to give vision and depth to the lives of the people with whom he connects, so they can open their hearts to the wonder that is their life.

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